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Bade Bhaiya Packers and Movers Mumbai

Mumbai, formerly known as Bombay city, is the capital of Maharashtra state. It is the country’s financial and commercial centre and its principal port on the Arabian Sea. Mumbai is among the most densely populated areas and highly urbanized cities. Mumbai was declared an alpha world city in 2008.

In June 2006, the foundation stone for the first phase of the Mumbai Metro project was laid. The first metro line of Mumbai was opened on 8 June 2014 with the Blue Line 1, with 11 stations operating till now.

Some famous places to visit in Mumbai are The Elephanta Caves, The Victorian and Art Deco Ensemble of Mumbai and the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus.

The Climate of Mumbai is fluctuating as it is a coastal area, and the presence of the Arabian Sea highly influences the weather. The hottest month of the year is May, and the average temperature remains between 32C- 40C, while January is the coldest month in Mumbai and the average temperature remains about 18OC.

Services offered by Bade Bhaiya Packers and Movers

  • Home Relocation Services: Relocate with ease with our Home Relocation Services. We offer packing, unpacking, and storage services for your home relocation.

  • Office Relocation Services: We have considerable competence in relocating offices. Storage, unpacking, and packing services are available from the relocation company to relocate your office.

  • Car Transportation Services: We are experts in shipping automotive transportation and bikes. Bade Bhaiya Packers and Movers have specially equipped vehicles to transport your vehicle to your destination safely.

  • Warehousing Services: We are one of the most reputable storage providers around, offering the most reliable godown services. Our company has special units for long term storage.

Why Bade Bhaiya Packers and Movers

Zero Trans-shipment: Your wares or items entered into a shipping container do not move at any point. Bade Bhaiya Packers and Movers have a portable home unit that can lift as a whole to be easily and quickly attached to another base vehicle. Therefore, any breakdown or unavailability of travel permits does not hamper the schedule for the delivery of goods.

Safety- No Doubt at all: Our moving team is an extraordinarily skilled group composed of trained staff and seasoned truck drivers who are fully trained in moving techniques and safe-driving procedures.

Economical - 100% sure: We offer the most cost-effective packing because we understand the safety and security of your products.

Part load - Well Accepted: The size of a Portable Home will be selected based on the number of products so that they may be compactly fit and perfect for it. Hence, there is no need to pay for an entire truck.

Credibility: Our team members are thoroughly trained and certified. They are dedicated to making a solid relationship with our customers and maintaining a lasting relationship by providing top-quality service efficiently and cost-effectively to help ensure a stress-free transition of their assets.

Network - Widest Coverage: As soon as you choose to move, you can plan to move; The Bade Bhaiya Packers and Movers nationwide delivery service is among a very tiny number offered by any business. Our branches provide dedicated trained service staff.

Do & Don'ts While Shifting

  1. Should disconnect the utility services of electric, gas and other subscriptions.
  2. Recheck And Confirm Relocation Plans, Finalize Temporary And Permanent Accommodation.
  3. Confirm pickup and delivery dates to finalize and transport your order.
  4. Take NOC From RTO For Vehicles.
  5. Empty And Defrost Refrigerator And Air-Out 8 Hrs. Before Packing.
  6. Reducing expenditures by nullifying nonessentials could increase efficiency.
  7. Arrange For Connection Of Telephone And Gas Connection.
  8. Start Collecting Important Contact Numbers.
  9. Check the condition of all items received and note it in composing if any items are damaged or missing.
  10. Ensure that you're at your address when your shipment arrives at your location.